Selling real estate is an individual and strategic decision.

You have the market value and want to start selling?
You have received a valuation from us or have already issued a mandate?

We accompany you through the sales process and are in close contact with you.
The overview shows you in which 4 phases we support and accompany you.

We are available to you throughout Europe and look forward to hearing from you here below!

Support during the sales process

1 - Promotion

We will prepare an exposé for your property: with professional photos, including video and a detailed description including all relevant data.

Then we will offer the apartment for sale – we will determine which marketing strategy is the best solution for your property. We have different possibilities for promotion at our disposal, from professional internet platforms to special social media presentations.

2 - Communication with potential buyers

We are available at all times as contact persons for all matters concerning your apartment – for prospective buyers and of course for you.

We organize individual viewing appointments and reliably answer all inquiries in order to make the sales process as fast as possible.

Absolute transparency in communication is particularly important to us and we will inform you immediately about all developments with prospective buyers and purchase offers.

3 - Negotation and sale

Throughout the entire negotiation phase, we will represent your interests to the prospective buyer and will find solutions that will make the purchase possible.

To this end, we will also accompany the buyer and advise him on the choice of the notary to be notarized and possible financing options.

At the notary appointment itself we will be on site to clarify any last questions and to facilitate a smooth process.

4 - After the sale

We also accompany you during the phase following the sale in the following steps:

  • The notary will arrange all the necessary registrations with the competent authorities (land registry notice of the new owner or the bank in case of a loan) / land transfer tax / if foreseen the confirmation of the change of ownership with the property management.
  • As soon as all registrations have been made, the buyer will be authorized in writing by the notary to pay the purchase price.
  • The seller confirms to the notary the receipt of the full purchase price.
  • The keys are handed over according to the agreement in the purchase contract (usually on the following day after receipt of the purchase price or the first of the following month).
  • With the handing over of the keys all rights and obligations concerning the real estate are transferred to the buyer.
  • The registration in the land register takes place about 2-3 months after the notarization (depending on administrative procedures of the competent authorities – land registry). Only then the seller is no longer the owner.

We remain your contact person until the last step and are always available to answer all your questions.

I would like to sell and find out more from you!